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Post: ARCH at the 21st International Congress of Nutrition

The ARCH research team is proud to present our recent findings from around the world at this year’s International Congress of Nutrition from Oct 15-20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This international conference, which takes place every four years, brings top researchers and academics together to share their latest work. This year’s theme reflects our commitment…

Resource: Policy Brief: Protecting breastfeeding to 24 months or beyond

How countries can support breastfeeding by adopting new global guidance Laws that protect against the inappropriate marketing of food products that compete with breastfeeding help mothers and caregivers make the best possible feeding choices for their children. The International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes and subsequent relevant resolutions were established to accomplish this by…

Post: Using research for child nutrition advocacy in Dakar, Senegal

Translating research into policies for protecting child health is central to the work ARCH conducts around the world. In Senegal, where malnutrition remains a critical challenge, our research found high consumption of commercially produced snack food products among children 6-23 months of age.  Many of these snack food products are energy-dense, nutrient-poor, and high in…

Post: ARCH Project marks milestone in Nepal snack foods study

The ARCH project recently marked an important research milestone in Nepal. The project completed data collection for a critical study on young children’s consumption of snack foods (such as biscuits and candy) and sugar-sweetened beverages (like malt/chocolate-based drinks and juice drinks). The study aims to understand the role of unhealthy snacks and sugary drinks in children’s diets, and to assess associations with child growth and micronutrient status in the first two years of life – a time when adequate nutrition is crucial.