High unhealthy food and beverage consumption is associated with poor diet quality among 12–35-month-olds in Guédiawaye Department, Senegal

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ARCH assessed unhealthy food and beverage (UFB) consumption patterns and their contribution to total energy intake from non-breastmilk foods/beverages (TEI-NBF), assessed the association between high UFB consumption and dietary/nutrition outcomes, and explored drivers of unhealthy food choice among young children in Guédiawaye Department, Senegal. We conducted a cross-sectional study of a representative sample of 724 primary caregivers and their 12–35.9-month-old children. UFB contributed on average 22.2% of TEI-NBF, averaging 5.9% for the lowest tercile and 39.9% for the highest. Diets of high UFB consumers, as compared to low, were significantly less dense in protein, fiber, and seven of the 11 micronutrients assessed and significantly denser in total fat, saturated fat, and total sugar.

The article was published in Frontiers in Nutrition in 2023.

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