Nutrient Profiles of Commercially Produced Complementary Foods Available in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Ghana, Nigeria and Senegal

© 2016 Sarah Hoibak/VectorWorks, Courtesy of Photoshare

ARCH evaluated the nutritional quality of commercially produced complementary foods (CPCF) available in five West African countries using the WHO Europe nutrient profiling model (NPM) and assessed their suitability for infants and young children (IYC) based on label information. The proportion that would necessitate a “high sugar” warning was also determined, and the micronutrient (iron, calcium, and zinc) content was assessed against recommended nutrient intakes. Of the 666 products assessed, only 15.9% were classified as nutritionally suitable for promotion for IYC. The presence of added sugar and excessive sodium levels were the most common reasons for a product to fail the nutrient profiling assessment.

The article was published in Nutrients in 2023.

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