Using research for child nutrition advocacy in Dakar, Senegal

© 2016 Sarah Hoibak/VectorWorks, Courtesy of Photoshare

Translating research into policies for protecting child health is central to the work ARCH conducts around the world.

In Senegal, where malnutrition remains a critical challenge, our research found high consumption of commercially produced snack food products among children 6-23 months of age.  Many of these snack food products are energy-dense, nutrient-poor, and high in salt or sugar, making them inappropriate for infant and young child (IYCF) feeding. Action must be taken to ensure that children receive proper nutrition during this vital stage for growth and development.

A new advocacy brief created by the ARCH Senegal team reviews findings from research conducted in Dakar Department among mothers of children under two years of age, and provides policy recommendations to ensure that children receive the healthiest start in life. The brief will be shared with local and national stakeholders in Senegal including the Ministries Of Health, Trade, and Commerce and relevant decision makers as the ARCH team continues to advocate for policies to improve infant and young child health in Senegal.

Use the navigation tools below to read through the two-page summary of key findings and policy recommendations prepared by the ARCH Senegal team. To download and share this document, click here.

Read and download the original brief, published in French, here.