ARCH in Senegal: Project Summary (in French)

© 2016 Sarah Hoibak/VectorWorks, Courtesy of Photoshare

From 2012-2023, ARCH worked in Senegal to generate evidence and strengthen policies that promote optimal infant and young child nutrition. Policy and programmatic achievements are described in the series of briefs below.

  • Brief 1: Study of commercially produced complementary food (CPCF) labelling practices
  • Brief 2: Study of the promotion of foods for infants and young children at points-of-sale
  • Brief 3: Study of the promotion and consumption of commercial foods for infants and young children at health facilities
  • Brief 4: Study using the Draft WHO Nutrient Profile Model to evaluate labels of commercially produced complementary foods sold in urban and peri-urban areas
  • Brief 5: Study of the consumption of unhealthy foods and beverages (UFB) among young children

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