ARCH at the 21st International Congress of Nutrition

The ARCH research team is proud to present our recent findings from around the world at this year’s International Congress of Nutrition from Oct 15-20 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. This international conference, which takes place every four years, brings top researchers and academics together to share their latest work. This year’s theme reflects our commitment to generating evidence to inform infant and young child feeding policies: “From Sciences to Nutrition Security”.

ARCH speakers will participate in the following sessions, sharing results and lessons learned from our research and policy work around child nutrition. We invite all colleagues and friends at the conference to attend. Follow us on Twitter @ARCH_Nutrition for live updates and insights throughout the week.

Day/Time Location Event ARCH Speakers
Sunday Oct 15 08.30-13.00 Room 2 – Libertador C  

144/1002 – Better Together: Lessons learned from multi-sectoral implementation of nutrition programs


Elizabeth Zehner
Sunday Oct 15

14.00 – 16.00

Room 5 – La Pampa ARCH Symposium: 144/1030 – Promotion and consumption of commercially-produced snacks during the complementary feeding period


Dr. Victoria Quinn

Dr. Alissa Pries

Elizabeth Zehner

Dr. Dian Hadihardjono


Sunday Oct 15

16.30 – 18.30

Room 2 – Libertador C  

144/1058 – First Foods: Accelerating progress to improve the quality of complementary foods and feeding practices for children (Sponsored by UNICEF)


Dr. Alissa Pries
Monday Oct 16

11.30 – 13.30

Room 11– Golden Horn  

Monitoring and enforcement of the International Code of Marketing of Breast-milk Substitutes: Experiences with a new WHO/UNICEF protocol


Mackenzie Green
Tuesday Oct 17 08.00-09.00 Touch Screen 8  

Poster 144/1679 – Monitoring of television advertisements for breastmilk substitutes & commercially produced complementary foods in Phnom Penh, Cambodia & Dakar, Senegal


Mary Champeny
Tuesday Oct 17 15.30-16.30 Touch Screen 7  

Poster 144/862 – Development of a multi-sectoral system to enforce a national code on marketing breast milk substitutes in Cambodia


Hou Kroeun
Wednesday Oct 18 11.30-12.30 Touch Screen 13  

Poster 144/1133 – Development of a tool to aid caregivers’ recall of snacks among children 12-23 months of age in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal


Dr. Alissa Pries
Thursday Oct 19 11.30-12.30 Touch Screen 13  

Poster 144/860 – Caregivers’ perceptions of snacks and factors influencing their use for young child feeding in urban Nepal


Atul Upadhyay
Thursday Oct 19 11.30-12.30 Touch Screen 12  

Poster 144/741 – Is that ‘khaja’? Defining snacks for young children in Kathmandu Valley, Nepal


Dr. Alissa Pries